Active management of vehicle acceleration, top speed and engine rpm

  • Cut throttle, regenerative braking, 'speed-match'
  • Active idle reduction controls

Dynamic top speed governing with GPS and vision systems

  • Speed limit sign recognition
  • GPS and cellular interface - telematics, tracking, map speed limit data, and geofence with active vehicle limit controls - i.e. Limit speed outside of geo-fence

Collision mitigation with integration of vision and radar systems

  • Headway monitor and collision avoidance
  • Lane recognition and departure warning
  • Pedestrian recognition alert

Programmable to the owner's needs

  • Speed control leeway above posted limit
  • Acceleration limits
  • Automated idle-stop
  • Engine rpm limits
  • Location-based performance limits and tracking

How it works

The Navilink is a proprietary and vehicle agnostic controller designed by Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc. Combined with Navistream's intelligent vehicle controls and integration, the Navilink works in conjunction with the latest drivers' assistance technologies to add active controle to the vehicle.

Navilink How It Works Schema

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